May 30 - May 31

The First Hydrogen Energy Experience Day of SEEEx TECH Co.,Ltd. and the 2023 Summer New Product Launch Conference

Openness, Freedom, Integration, and Mutual Progress

SeePack-Sys 500

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Range Extender

Specially designed for lithium battery mobile power

SeePack-Sys3000 Series

Hydrogen outdoor power supply

Family camping and outdoor work are all easy


Stationary Hydrogen Storage Power Station Solution

Hydrogen power system with multi-machine parallel connection, megawatt-level power

SeePack-Sys 1500

Combined hydrogen-electric module solution

Applicable to power backup scenarios such as data centers and base stations

SeeCube - EC150

Integrated electric controller I generation

Fuel Cell power control system development platform

SeePack-Sys 400

Hydrogen light travel solution

Convenient hydrogen replacement, long battery life

SeePack-Sys 3000 Series

Industrial Rotor UAV

Hydrogen-Lithium Hybrid Battery Pack Solution

Lightweight design, free load capacity

SeeCube-Sys 12

Hydrogen Powered Ship Solutions

Modular partition, safe, stable and easy to maintain