Portable hydrogen fuel cell rangefinder

SeePack-Sys 500
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  • Release time : 2023-07-29
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Specially designed for fast charging of lithium-ion energy storage devices, with extremely fast charging
All weather extended range, unaffected by weather, stable energy and power
Compared with solar charging panels of the same power, they are low in price, small in size, lightweight and portable to use. They can be plugged in and pressed to start charging

Rated voltage 24V
Rated current 20A
Rated power 480W
Peak power 750W
Hydrogen supply pressure 155±5kpa

Protection function


Complete voltage/current/stack/hydrogen supply protection functions, etc

Other functions


Support hydrogen residual monitoring and hydrogen concentration monitoring
Service conditions (temperature/humidity)

0~40 ℃, 20~95% RH, no condensation


Cooling method Forced air cooling
Size/Weight 359mm*202mm*170mm,5.3kg