Hydrogen outdoor power supply

SeePack-Sys 3000 Series
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  • Release time : 2023-07-29
  • Product Features
  • Parameter specifications

Rated 3kW output power, continuous peak power 6kW-5min
Unique 1-control N software and hardware architecture
Voltage support 48V, 12V, 5V, plug and play
One click start, touch screen display, safe and reliable
Millisecond level power response, power adaptation
Support 220V AC output (optional)
Support for external hydrogen bottles, worry free battery life
Support WeChat mini program monitoring
Easily handle scenarios such as home camping and outdoor work

Rated power 3000W
Rated capacity 1.68kWh
Hydrogen bottle capacity/pressure



Protection function


Complete voltage/current/stack/hydrogen supply protection functions, etc

Other functions


Support hydrogen residual monitoring and hydrogen concentration monitoring
Service conditions (temperature/humidity)

0~40 ℃, 20~95% RH, no condensation


Cooling method Forced air cooling
Protection level IP20 (super/reconfirmed)
Size/Weight 544mmx370mmx368mm /32kg
48V power interface Rated voltage: 48V (45-50V)
  Rated current: 60A (0-60A)
12V power interface Rated voltage: 12V
  Rated current: 0-10A
USB power interface

Rated voltage: 5V


Rated current: 2A (0-2A)