Combined hydrogen electrical module solution

SeePack-Sys 1500
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  • Release time : 2023-07-29
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Suitable for scenarios such as data center power supply, base station backup, and home office backup
Rackmount design, touch screen display, modular hydrogen battery pack, plug and play
1.5kW * N multi machine parallel technology, configured as needed, supporting up to 12kW power expansion
Integrated Fuel Cell System SOC, SOP, SOH Strategy
Combination, multi-module, cluster control, efficient energy scheduling and allocation strategy
Real time module monitoring and fault protection function, automatic removal of faulty modules

Single machine rated voltage 48V
Single unit rated current 32A
Single unit rated power 1500W
Single unit peak power 2500W
Single unit hydrogen supply pressure



Size/Weight 438x320x172,10.6kg
Working temperature and humidity

0~40 ℃, 20~95% RH, no condensation


Other Support power expansion of 1.5-12kw

Protection function


Stack protection, output protection, temperature protection, hydrogen pressure protection, etc