Fixed hydrogen storage power station solution

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  • Release time : 2023-07-29
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Skid mounted container power station
Multi machine parallel connection of hydrogen power system, with power expandable to megawatts
Built-in multiple energy management and system scheduling strategies
Security Strategy for Multi sensor Fusion
IIC explosion-proof grade design
Support cogeneration
Supports off grid and grid connected operation


  Single container can reach up to 1MW
Low temperature cold start temperature  

-30 ℃


Storage air temperature   -40-60 ℃
Ambient air temperature (operating ambient temperature)  

-30-50 ℃



Relative humidity (operation and storage)  



Applicable altitude range   0-2000 m
Type of coolant Deionized water 100%
  Ethylene glycol/deionized water



Other   Support cogeneration, offline and grid connected operation